The application process opens September 30, 2017

The application process closes November 13, 2017 at 5:00 PM

If you are interested in applying to The Arts Academy At Benjamin Rush, please use the following link:


If you are having trouble with the link,  please go to and follow the prompts for the High School Selection Process.

All students who want to attend our school must audition. Before an audition can be granted, students must first meet all academic criteria:

* Strong academic record [A’s & B’s one C  in a subject other than math or English ]
* 95% attendance and punctuality: (No more than 9 days absent or late)
* Excellent behavior  (No suspensions on record)
* 80th percentile or higher on standardized tests

*Please note that all prospective students must apply online.  Click below for instructions.  Students applying from outside the district must have their schools send official transcripts directly to The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush.  This happens automatically for students who apply within the district.

Click here to download the audition requirements for the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush.



43 thoughts on “ADMISSIONS

  1. Melissa A Morton says:

    I am wondering how we go about applying for the 2016/2017 school year? My son James really wants to go to Rush and he is an amazing trumpet player with excellent grades. I am new to this whole applying to high schools, he is my oldest and when I was younger I was not given a choice, I went to Washington.
    I look forward to your response.

    Thank you
    Melissa Morton


  2. Anonymous says:

    Melissa, click on the option above OVERVIEW OF THE SCHOOL SELECTION PROCESS FOR THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHILADELPHIA. this will give you the info you need. Apply by november 13, 2015 for next year


  3. Kellie Bailey says:

    Hi….I submitted the online application for my daughter to attend your school. I just wanted to know where to send the admission requirements or will I be notified when to submit them. My daughter and I attended the Open House last week and we were both very impressed with your program. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


  4. Jacquelyn Bryant says:

    Will there be any open houses for prospective students in the near future. My son and I would love to see the school.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Do you need to be a Philadelphia resident to attend? If not, and the November 13 deadline has passed, is there another opportunity to apply?


  6. Anonymous says:

    Are any of the admission requirements ever waived for any reason? We submitted an application and her records but I am not 100% sure if she meets all of the requirements. We are a nervous wreck waiting to see if she will receive a phone call for an audition. She truly wants this more than anything. If there is absolutely no chance due to her not meeting all of the requirements, I would like to prepare her. Thank you.


  7. ANONYMOUS says:

    i applied for rush high school, i am auditioning for instrumental music(piano). do we have to memorize the music piece we chose???

    thank you!


  8. Anonymous says:

    When are the audition days. Do we call the school or do the school call us for auditions? Can we bring art awards to the auditions


  9. Abdullo Subhonov says:

    hey, rush called me for the audition, but i lost track of the date and i want to confirm the exact date i have the audition.


  10. MegCor says:

    We applied for my son back on November before cutoff. He met every requirement except the standardized test scores. If we didn’t get a call by now, are we to assume he didn’t even get called for an audition. Will we get some kind of rejection letter either way?


  11. Nicole Lanzo says:

    Hello, my son will be completing sixth grade this June. I am not happy with the school environment that he is in. He is a very talented student who sings writes songs as well as plays keyboard. My plan will be to home school him next school year he is a good student academically. I strongly feel that he will be able to compete two school years in one year and woul be ready to apply to Benjamin Rush in the 2017,2018 school year. So my question is are students who are home schooled still consider for admission?


  12. deborah sabatino says:

    I am raising my grand daughter, she goes to St Dominic’s and will be be graduating 8th grade in 2017. When will there be an open house for 2017-201 and when can we apply for admission. She has been dancing for 12 years tap , jazz ballet and point. She is a good student and gets good grades.



  13. Lisa harris says:

    is it to late to apply for 2016-17 year? I really wanted my daughter to go here she is currently in Catholic school and she needs more diversity. She has a fantastic voice and she plays the piano. She has all the requirements needed. Thank you


  14. Ehsan Nasher says:

    Hi my name is Ehsan Nasher I was wondering in what grade do PSSA scores matter 7th grade or 8th grade and if u don’t get a good grade like a basic in the PSSA can u still get exepted if you have good grades for your report card

    Thank you


  15. Deena DiGregorio says:

    HI , my daughter currently attends Philadelphia Academy Charter Grade School. She will be graduating 8th grade, June of 2017. Moreover, she has an IEP. Therefore, do you accept children with an IEP? Furthermore, she is interested in auditioning for theatre.

    Thank you


  16. Viora Pomar says:

    My daughter and I submitted the application online weeks ago but have not heard back about an audition. How / when will parents and students be notified?


  17. Twana Beckham says:

    Good morning, I submitted an application for my daughter who is highly interested in attending the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush her name is Beckham-Maldonado who is in the 8th grade and attends New Foundations Charter School. I have not heard anything yet and I wanted to know if you have received the application and how soon we can get feedback. Thank you.


  18. mychelle diaz says:

    hello im 8th grade i go to harding middle school i really love your school and hope i get to be apart of it i sing i want to be better and chase my dream to sing im mychelle ayanna diaz


  19. Kyle Dantzler says:

    Hi my name Kyle dantzler an 8th grade student and I really don’t understand why I was not picked for your school


  20. Kyle Dantzler says:

    Hi my name is Kyle dantzler an 8th grade student and I really dont understand why I was not picked for your school


  21. eboni says:

    Goodafternoon, My name is Eboni Hoover. I have some questions and concerns about The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush High School. I am currently attending George Washington High School in Philadelphia entering my Junior year. I would like to attend Benjamin Rush for visual arts. I understand that the requirements for auditing would be submitting a portfolio of an original 6-8 pieces of artwork, does that include a writing piece? Im also curious about some of the actives at the school, such as what are some of the extra classes that can be taken or programs? and if theres any girl sports? I also would like to know since I’m already at another school am i still able to transfer and if so when would it be a good time to?


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