The following testimonials are from very happy parents: 

“My children are currently finishing their Freshman year and Senior year at Rush.   The Administration, Teachers, Staff, and Home and School are the best and do anything and everything in their power for every one of the students.  As a parent I know I have made the right decision sending both my children here at The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush.”

“My daughter is a freshman this year at Rush.  I cannot say enough nice things about the school!  She made her transition from a charter school so I thought it would be difficult for her. From the first day she stepped in the building she felt comfortable and welcome. The principal, teachers/staff and the students throughout the school have been wonderful. Everyone is so nice and helpful! If you have a child interested in the arts, this is the school for them to be at!”

“I have 2 teens enrolled at Rush..a freshman and a sophomore. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is. The staff is amazing. They work to constantly engage the students in a way that you hardly see anywhere else. They are hip and fun and intelligent teachers. I only wish I had the opportunities they have at Rush when I was a student. My freshman is an instrumental major and had the privilege to perform with students from other schools in the district at Northeast High. Rush Arts represented their school in a professional and entertaining manner. They were amazing. I highly recommend applying for Rush Arts. It is a safe and encouraging school. Lori DeFields is an excellent example of a fine principal.”

“It was four short years ago that I dropped my son off at Benjamin Rush for the first time.
It was then that I knew just how vulnerable our sons and daughters are when they begin High School and are on their own, managing their academics, navigating public transportation, and learning how to handle social circumstances that are new to them.  We, as parents, need the support of administrators, teachers, and counselors to guide them and offer discipline. Thank you for all of the e mails, changes that have been made to improve the school, and ways that you work to educate and assist our youth.  I don’t know how we would have made it through the college selection process without the help of
Ms. Senner and Jupiter Grades is a god send for those of us who dare to look at what our students are REALLY doing!  My second son was accepted into several other schools, but he chose Benjamin Rush largely due to what his brother told him about the school and how he saw his brother grow into the responsible young man he is becoming.”