Athletic Teams at Rush Arts

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Currently 7 Varsity Athletic Teams at Rush Arts

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 Fall Sports =    

Boys JV Soccer       

Girls Soccer      

Girls Volleyball

Winter Sports=         

Girls Varsity Basketball      

For Girls Basketball, click on the above link. It will take you to a google classroom set up for the team.  When prompted, enter code o9myu4b.  You must be signed into google to view.  All Current School District students can sign into google via their school district id# email address (ex.

Bowling (new website coming 2016-2017)

Boys Varsity Basketball


Spring Sports =        

Girls Softball

 Boys Baseball


change every year but have included:  Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Batting (softball style), Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Team Hand Ball,

Table Tennis, Badminton, Relay (Track), Floor Hockey, and Touch Rugby

Can My child play Football Field Hockey, or Lacrosse for another school?

For the current school year, subject to change based on enrollment…
students from Rush Arts may try out to compete for Washington High School in most sports Washington has and Rush Arts does not.
This includes Field Hockey, Football, Wrestling, Tennis, Boys Volleyball, Boys Soccer, and Lacrosse.
Students and their parents/guardians must arrange for transportation to Washington HS and students may not leave school early for practice or earlier than 1:10 for games/contests. 
ALL student athletes playing for Washington MUST notify Athletic Director AS SOON AS THEY SIGN UP FOR THE TEAM and provide a copy of the PIAA forms OR they WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO LEAVE SCHOOL EARLY!).
Furthermore, students from Rush may try out for regional teams in swimming, and rowing.
Students MAY NOT play for any other school other Rush or Washington and may not play for Washington in a sport offered at Rush