Faculty Email Addresses

Principal: Lori DeFields – [email protected]
: Rose DiMarino – [email protected]
Nurse: Judy Williamson – [email protected]
Counselor: Susan Senner – [email protected]

Name Email Address
Bateman, Cathy Visual Arts and Graphic Design [email protected]
Bavaro, Sonny English4, AP Lit & Comp, Senior Project [email protected]
Bevilacqua, Jeff Algebra 2 [email protected]
Byrne, Matt World History, Spanish [email protected]
Clements, Jennifer Special Education [email protected]
Corabi, Todd Physical Education, Athletic Director [email protected]
Davis, Tasmara Geometry [email protected]
DeFields, Lori Principal [email protected]
DiMarino, Rosemarie Secretary [email protected]
Ebner, Susan Autistic Support [email protected]
Feder, Rhonda Special Education [email protected]
Feldman, Max English 3, Honors English 3, Intro. to Film Studies [email protected]
Goulet, Jonathan AP Calculus, Pre-Calculus, SAT Math [email protected]
Karenin Loinaz Spanish 2/Senior class sponsor [email protected]
Kates, Anna English 2 [email protected]
Katz, Kevin World History, African-American History [email protected]
Masters, Denise Dance [email protected]
Mazza, Louis Media Arts, Filmmaking [email protected]
Merkins, Julie American History, African American History
Meskill, Brenda Classroom Assistant [email protected]
Piechoski, Michael Chemistry [email protected]
Puff, Cara Biology, Health [email protected]
Ritzheimer, Daniel Algebra 1 [email protected]
Roletter, Debra Classroom assistant [email protected]
Senner, Susan Counselor [email protected]
Siering, Nicole Spanish 1 [email protected]
Spencer, Suzanne Vocal Music, Guitar, All-City Choir [email protected]
Steinberg, Bryan Social Science, African American History [email protected]
Wojcik, SallyAnn Theatre, Senior Project [email protected]