Keystone Testing

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

 The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) requires the implementation of the Keystone Exams, which are end-of-course assessments designed to assess proficiency in the following subject areas: Algebra 1, Biology, and Literature.

The January Keystone Exam Schedule is for students who did not yet pass the Keystone exams with Proficiency. Therefore, on Wednesday, January 6th, 2016, we will begin our Keystone testing, which will end on Wednesday, January 13th. A detailed schedule and a list of tests your child needs to take has been sent home with your child already, if applicable.

Please read each of the attached documents, which outline important information and answers to questions you may have, including the cell phone policy.


As usual, we will run a late arrival for students not testing on a particular day. Students who are not taking a Keystone Exam will report to school by 11:00am on the testing days (1/6/16 – 1/13/16). The school doors will open at 10:15am for students NOT taking the Keystones, and they are expected to report to school no later than 11:00am. However, any student who is scheduled for a Keystone Exam must report to school by 7:45 am as the exams will start on time at 7:50am. Attendance and punctuality for these exams are critical so that further instructional time during the day is not lost to testing.

The exam dates will be as follows:
Literature Module 1: Wednesday 1/6/16
Literature Module 2: Thursday 1/7/16
*Algebra Module 1: Friday 1/8/16
*Algebra Module 2: Monday 1/11/16
Biology Module 1: Tuesday 1/12/16
Biology Module 2: Wednesday 1/13/16

*Students taking the Algebra exam must come prepared with their own calculator.

Please check with your child to ensure understanding of the upcoming schedule. Thank you for your cooperation.


Lori DeFields