Parent / Teacher Report Card Conferences Will Be Held on The Following Dates:

Wednesday, December 2nd from 12:45PM to 3:00PM
Thursday, December 3rd from 12:45 to 3:00PM & from 5:00PM to 7:00PM

We look forward to seeing you!



If students complete the Common App, all letters of recommendation and secondary school report (which includes a transcript and counselor letter of recommendation) will be uploaded through the Common App system.

If a student receives an “Official Document Request” that document should be submitted to the counselor. This document allows the requested information to be uploaded through the SENDedu system. Some schools only require a transcript, while others require the secondary school report which will include a counselor letter of recommendation.

In order teachers and counselors to complete letters of recommendation, students are asked in September to provide a document with the following information: A list of activities, awards and accomplishments, including volunteer and paid work. The students should indicate the following: When (start and end date), Where and How Often they participated in the task and descriptions of what they did during the task. This helps the teachers and counselors to provide a more comprehensive letter for the student.

1 – Students should complete and submit applications either online or through the mail.

2 – Once students submit the application they should request a copy of their transcript through the counselor. Students need to bring in an envelope with a stamp addressed to the school where they want the transcript sent.

3 – If students have a College Board application fee waiver and want it sent with the transcript, the student should bring that with the envelope to the counselor. Students who take the SAT with a fee waiver are provided with four (4) application fee waivers through the College Board system.

4 – If the students need a letter(s) of recommendation submitted to a particular college, they should have the teacher send it to the counselor or bring it with the envelope and the letters can be sent out with the transcript.

5 – If parents and/or students have a question regarding the application process the questions should be directed to the counselor, Susan Senner at 215-281-2603, Option 1 or via email at Parents and/or students may also make an individual appointment with the counselor for any assistance needed.