2-Intramural and In-House Sports


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OPEN GYM and Training:

Skills development for those interested in trying out for a Varsity team

FALL = Basketball (begins after Volleyball playoffs end until Varsity tryouts begin)

WINTER = Softball/Baseball skills (begins after Basketball playoffs end until Varsity tryouts begin)

Hitting Club at Sluggersville (Dec-Feb dates vary)

    Stick Ball/Whiffle Ball/ indoor softball (Jan-Feb dates vary)

SPRING = Soccer Pop Up Games (May/June dates vary)

Volleyball Skills (April/May dates vary)

Teacher Run Tournaments:

Flag Football                    Floor/Street Hockey            Indoor Soccer              Ultimate Frisbee

Traditional Common Student Run Clubs:

3 v 3 Basketball              5 K Running Club               Cheer/Spirit                   Ultimate Frisbee

Table Tennis                    Badminton